Gym Floors
  1. Floor Finish – MFMA Approved Finish

  2. Gameline – Gameline Paint

  3. Floor Sealer – MFMA Approved Sealer

  4. Flooring – Sportwood Northern Hard Maple Parquet Flooring

  5. Adhesive – Elastomeric Adhesive

  • Very Low-Profile

  • Edge-Grain material, so it shrinks and swells less

  • Adhesive provides tremendous holding power yet permits natural movement of the wood due to changes in humidity.

  • Outstanding buckle resistance

  • Withstands the extremes of moisture and humidity 


System Height:

  • 5/16″(8mm) with 5/16″(8mm) thick Flooring

  • 7/16″(11mm) with 7/16″(11mm) thick Flooring