Gym Flooring Installation

Floor Installation

At S & S Flooring, we offer professional gym flooring installation for the wide range of systems we service. We offer fixed resilient, fixed, floating, anchored, and portable gym flooring systems. We guarantee that you will receive professional treatment from our well-trained staff.  

Gym Floor Refinishing, sanding

Floor Refinishing & Sanding

Although providing customers with a high-quality product, we at Stack & Stack Flooring understand that gym floors undergo intense pressure and stress from extended use. Therefore, we recommend that gym floors be refinished every 8 to 10 years to restore the floor to its intended

quality.This process, although seeming intensive, is one of many simple services we have perfected over the years. After exposing the raw floorboards using a sander, we apply high-quality seal, paint, and finish in order to revitalize your gym floor. We encourage you to give your old gym floor new life and restore it to its former glory!

Gym Flooinrg Graphics & Designs

Graphics & Logos

Using our superior technological equipment, S & S Flooring can construct any graphic design, logo, or emblem for you. Whether it's adding a state championship emblem or just slightly modifying your centerpiece, we are confident that we will exceed your expectations.      

Emergency Repairs

Unfortunately, some damages that occur to your wooden gym floor simply cannot be prevented. If you happen to encounter a water-based disaster, trust us to restore your gym floor to fulfill its intended purpose. The process required to repair water damaged floors depends on many factors such as the extent and duration of water exposure. Contact us today to receive a quote.

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